Posted by: Barly Wicaksono | 25 October, 2007

Foto Background Playlist Winamp is home to the beloved Winamp Media player. This powerful little toy was the brainchild of diabolical genius and self-made llama philanthropist Justin Frankel. Justin had but one goal in mind while coding the early versions of Winamp. He wanted to spread his proverbial seed (referring to the dna of Winamp obviously). Once that goal was realized (thank goodness), Justin decided to give the player away so that the rest of us could find that ever-elusive thang known as amore. This was a daunting task and Justin was extremely lazy. He decided to bring new friends into the fold so that he could concentrate on his new preoccupation of doing doughnuts in his truck and driving hot cars. And so Nullsoft was born.


Foto Background Playlist

Anda ingin playlist winamp menampilkan foto diri anda atau orang-orang yang anda cintai atau anda yang narsis seperti saya tampil di winamp ?, mudah saja jika anda memiliki sedikit kemauan untuk mengeksplorasi sedikit kemampuan komputer/surfing di internet.

Silahkan anda download software yang dapat membantu foto anda/orang kesayangan anda dapat ditampilkan di winamp saat digunakan.

Sotfwarenya adalah : Winamp Playlist Editor

Setelah itu maka lakukan perintah dibawah ini :

  1. Pastikan anda memiliki winamp lalu Install Winamp Playlist Editor
  2. Setelah terinstal, maka jalankan winamp anda seperti biasa.
  3. Lalu pada field playlist anda, klik kanan seperti gambar dibawah ini :

Background Option

  1. Klik Wallpaper Preference.
  2. Dan pilih wallpaper yang anda inginkan untuk ditampilkan…Pastikan tidak terlalu besar
  3. Have fun


  1. @ Dwi :

    Sama2 belajar saja..
    saya masih newbie..:D

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